Town of Forget-Me-Not

                                             Welcome to Forget-Me-Not, Oregon, a magical place filled with magical people.


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           Winter Tales

 Forget-Me-Not, Oregon, Book 3

When chaos descends, the battle between nature and witch begins…


The universe always demands payment for magic. When a group of naïve teenage boys experiment with elemental magic, the citizens of Forget-Me-Not face a winter storm unlike any other. 

Chosen for their skills, three witches go head-to-head with nature, teaming with the men from myths and legends who are fated to fight with them.

                 Halloween Magic
    Forget-Me-Not, Oregon, Book 1

     Welcome to Forget-Me-Not, Oregon 
               A magical place
        filled with magical people. 

    A place that’s most special 
          just around Halloween, 
             when the boundary 
           between worlds thins 
       and all things are possible.
             Halloween Thrills
  Forget-Me-Not, Oregon, Book 2

   The magic of Halloween continues
         in Forget-Me-Not, Oregon. 
              Halloween Thrills 
   contains three stories about witches,          their magic, and finding love
           with classic “monsters.” 
During Halloween, when all things are possible, three women, an earth witch, an air witch, and a human, follow their hearts to find their happily ever afters. All it takes is a hope, a wish, and a little bit of magic.